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Hi Customer,

Happy New Year!

Every 90 days for the past two years, Compuware has relentlessly focused on delivering innovative, customer-driven solutions that empower you to make your mainframe as agile as your other platforms. We’ve done it again today with two highly significant announcements:

Introducing Topaz for Total Test
Topaz for Total Test provides the industry’s first fully automated mainframe unit testing solution. It brings Java-like unit testing to the world of COBOL applications, empowering in-house, outsourced, expert and novice developers alike to immediately validate code changes. Learn more here.

MVS Solutions ThruPut Manager Acquisition
Compuware acquired MVS Solutions and its widely popular ThruPut Manager® batch automation solution, which empowers operators at all skill levels to automatically and intelligently optimize execution of the batch jobs that are the beating heart of your digital business. Learn more here.

I also invite you to read the blog I just posted about how Topaz and ThruPut Manager are part of our broader leadership of a true mainframe renaissance.

We believe Topaz’s much-needed unit testing capability will have a tremendous positive impact on your digital business—and that ThruPut Manager will save you a lot of money and grief. As always, feel free to contact me at with any questions or feedback.

Please browse the information below for details on other capabilities available as of today.nctionality




Topaz Workbench/File-AID

File-AID provides file and data management to quickly and securely access, edit, compare, move and transform data. Topaz Workbench provides a modern, Eclipse-based IDE for File-AID.

Release Notes

File-AID for IMS DBD Visualization

Visualize the structure of physical or logical IMS databases to understand the segments, keys, logical relationships and other fields defined within the DBD.

Topaz Workbench/Xpediter

Xpediter provides interactive mainframe debugging to help developers integrate, build, modernize and extend valuable applications. Topaz Workbench provides a modern, Eclipse-based IDE for Xpediter.

Release Notes

CICS Channels and Container Support

Topaz Workbench now offers additional data viewing capabilities in Xpediter when debugging CICS applications that leverage CICS channels and containers. 


Strobe provides mainframe application performance monitoring and analysis to pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and to reduce hardware and software costs. iStrobe provides a web-based interface and additional capabilities.

Release Notes

Strobe Insight Report

See jobs that exceed thresholds via an interactive scatter chart.


New update experience for Compuware’s web- and Eclipse-based products


New Update Center provides:

  • Ability to connect to Compuware’s Cloud Update Service to download updates without navigating FrontLine
  • Easy interface to determine applicable updates and drive the upgrade process
  • Updates for web products (iStrobe, Topaz for Java Performance, Compuware Enterprise Services, ISPW’s web interface, Abend-AID Fault Analytics) and Topaz Workbench


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