Mainframe Security in a Hybrid/Mobile World

New Best Practices for the New Threat Matrix



While the mainframe is by far the enterprise’s most inherently secure platform, it has been neglected when it comes to cybersecurity. Four trends in particular require adjustments in mainframe security practices: cross-platform credentialing for cross-platform apps, the high stakes associated with insider malfeasance, intensifying DevOps activity and outsourcing. Enterprises that don’t up their mainframe security game will put themselves and their customers at risk. And it won’t be because there’s anything inherently problematic about the mainframe platform itself.

Download this white paper for six straightforward, non-disruptive measures to help keep your mainframe and its data safe from direct attacks, cybersecurity exposures resulting from the compromises that occur on other platforms, as well as other security vulnerabilities that result from day-to-day processes and practices.