Reduce Coding Errors with Compuware Topaz and ASG-PRO/JCL

Developing JCL, applying standards and formatting can be error-prone, especially for next-gen developers unfamiliar with mainframe applications. JCL management integrated into a preferred Eclipse-based IDE boosts confidence, reduces errors and enables teams to release new digital features and services at speed. 

In this webcast, our product experts discuss and demo:

  • The ASG-PRO/JCL plugin for Compuware Topaz Workbench IDE, which integrates JCL management tasks with mainframe application development workflows inside the IDE
  • Topaz Code Editors with customizable, “make your own” code templates for PL/I and JCL that can be easily shared via Topaz Team Profiles
  • ASG-PRO/JCL’s JCL validation and run-time simulation enabling developers to discover errors proactively and avoid the costly need to re-run production mainframe

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