What if you could bring applications to market faster, without sacrificing code quality?

You can with Compuware Topaz for Total Test.

What You Can Do with Automated Testing
Test automation can help your developers become more efficient and innovative, yet many organizations are slow to embrace the practice. Read these studies for further insight on the challenges facing IT leaders as they attempt to promote innovation and how Compuware Topaz® for Total Test can help you automate the creation and the execution of unit, functional, and integration tests on the mainframe so you can improve software delivery quality, velocity and efficiency. 

Test Automation: The Key to Increasing Velocity, Quality and Efficiency
Results of an independent global study of 400 senior IT leaders outlining the challenges posed by manual testing.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Compuware Topaz for Total Test
Forrester Consulting’s report on a major UK bank’s implementation of automated testing using Topaz for Total Test, including benefits, cost analysis, and ROI.

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