A Phased Approach to Cross-platform DevOps Success

As digital business drives back-end system activity, many organizations are realizing they need mainframe agility, but they don’t know where or how to begin a transformation. 

image.pngOur "Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility” eBook outlines a flexible step-by-step approach to becoming Agile on the mainframe. This eBook also recommends top DevOps tools to use and provides success indicators to help you measure your progress throughout your journey to mainframe agility.

When you read the eBook, you’ll learn more about why the following and additional steps are key to your Agile success:

  1. Define the Desired State
    Before you start anything, define your goals. Where is your team now, and where does it need to go?
  2. Modernize the Mainframe Development Environment
    Antiquated mainframe “green screen” ISPF environments prevent developers, especially novices, from improving productivity. You need to provide an Eclipse-based IDE and a modern development interface like Topaz Workbench.
  3. Adopt Automated Unit Testing
    You need an automated unit testing tool like Topaz for Total Test to quickly test small parts of applications before moving them further along in the development lifecycle. This improves developers’ confidence to make innovative code changes.


For a deeper look at these and the remaining seven steps, including the purpose of each step, the value of suggested enabling technologies and tools, and success indicators that will help you judge transformation progress, download the complete eBook.

This eBook is also available in French, German and Spanish