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Released October 1, 2020 | Launch #24

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Innovative Solutions
Topaz for Total Test

Topaz for Total Test automates unit, functional, integration, and regression testing, enabling developers and testers at all skill levels to test sub-segments and functionality of a program.

Integrated Source Code Management and Automated Testing

Users can create a pipeline that automatically runs Topaz for Total Test tests associated with programs changed in ISPW.

Automatic JCL Generation

Unit/virtualized testing now removes the need for manual handling of JCL for test cases.


ISPW provides Agile-enabling build and deploy capabilities. Multiple dev areas permit enterprise-wide parallel development and detailed analysis shows developers how code changes will impact the rest of the environment.

Intelligent Execution of Test Cases

As a user of ISPW, you will be able to create a pipeline that automatically runs Topaz for Total Test tests associated with programs that were changed in ISPW.

Git Integration Improvements

When importing components from Git, the Commit information is now stored in ISPW and shown in Assignment and Release views.


zAdviser is an innovative service that leverages machine learning to find correlations between developer behaviors and KPIs based on DevOps toolchain data and Compuware product usage data. zAdviser helps organizations improve quality, velocity and efficiency.

Developer Productivity

ISPW users gain insights for improving SCM productivity by discovering and eliminating bottlenecks.


Companies can now compare themselves against industry benchmarks to get a feel for what "good" looks like across the mainframe industry.

Topaz Workbench

Topaz Workbench is an Eclipse-based IDE that provides an intuitive interface that enables developers of all experience levels to initiate tasks with Compuware and non-Compuware developer tools.

Full Line Hex Edit

Lines in the Topaz editors can be edited in EBCDIC hex.

Usability Improvements

Bookmarks and Tasks can now be added in the Topaz editors.


Strobe provides mainframe application performance monitoring and analysis to both pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and reduce hardware and software costs.

New Insight Date Parameter

Session date selection allows dates to be pulled forward to other Insight reports during the web session.

Updated Summary Compare Report

Inclusion of percentage changed allows the viewer to better understand performance differences.


Abend-AID helps users quickly diagnose and resolve application failures while analyzing and clearly presenting data for all IT levels.

Format CICS Containers for PL/I Programs

Map storage in a CICS Container to a PL/I program's "01" data structure.

Enhanced ESS Support

Users can now enter alternative PDSE's, or Program Object Libraries, to obtain ESS for an Abend-AID report.



Xpediter provides interactive debugging and code coverage, giving users a way to analyze, understand, debug, and test applications across multiple environments.

Code Coverage by CSS Name

Users can now limit what data is collected by the CSS Member Name.

Expanded Requests in Extended Batch Facility

The ability to add, delete, and list DDF and COPE requests have been added to the Extended Batch Facility.

Resource Summary Screen Improvements

Developers can more easily coordinate debugging activity across multiple users, especially when working remotely.



ThruPut Manager automatically and intelligently optimizes batch job processing by balancing workload and improving batch throughput.

Service Level Manager Performance Focus

A single command can change how batch workload is handled depending on priority and need.

Maintenance Delivery

Maintenance can now be received similarly to other Compuware products.



IAM offers a transparent alternative to VSAM KSDS to improve performance, ease bottlenecks and tuning problems, and shorten job elapsed times by reducing I/O and CPU consumption.

Single Product Offering

A new version combines IAM with IAM/AIX and IAM Dynamic Reorg to provide a single product offering.



FDR provides dataset and volume backup and recovery for both local application and disaster recovery. FDRABR is a suite of products that automate backup and recovery processing.

IBM Transparent Cloud Tiering

Support for IBM Transparent Cloud Tiering allows commands to be sent directly from the disk system to the cloud.

IBM Cascading FlashCopy

Support for IBM Cascading FlashCopy enables a set of tracks or a volume to be both a source and target of a FlashCopy relationship.



FDRPAS provides non-disruptive volume-to-volume migrations from one vendor's disk to the same or another vendor's disk.

Concurrent Migration

Allows for non-disruptive large-scale concurrent migrations of over 8,000 source and target volumes.



FATSCOPY copies tapes to different types of devices and allows the tapes to be converted or stacked.

BMC Control M/Tape

Now supports the BMC Control-M/Tape management system.


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