Released June 27, 2019 | Launch #19

Product Innovations and New Functionality



ISPW provides Agile-enabling build and deploy capabilities. Multiple dev areas permit enterprise-wide parallel development, and detailed analysis shows developers how code changes will impact the rest of the environment.

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Expanded Integration with Git

Standardizes source code management practices across the enterprise

New Promotion Analysis Feature

Automates and smooths the path to build and deploy modernization

New ISPW Sentry Services

Provides remote access to the highest-skilled ISPW resources for administrative services




zAdviser is an innovative service that leverages machine learning to find correlations between developer behaviors and KPIs based on DevOps toolchain data and Compuware product usage data, with the goal of improving quality, velocity and efficiency.

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Enhanced Analytics

Leverage Compuware ISPW data to shine a spotlight on zones where teams should focus refactoring or efficiency efforts

Topaz Workbench


Topaz Workbench is an Eclipse-based IDE that provides an intuitive interface that enables developers of all experience levels to initiate tasks with Compuware and non-Compuware developer tools.

New Topaz Editor for Source Code Editing of Mainframe Artifacts

  • Supports COBOL, PL/I, JCL, REXX, C, Assembler
  • Improved outline view and COBOL templates
  • More native Eclipse experience

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Greater Flexibility with Topaz APIs

Leverage Topaz APIs in other non-Eclipse DevOps applications

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Topaz for Enterprise Data


Topaz for Enterprise Data's powerful extraction, masking and visualization for the mainframe and other platforms reduces labor, complexity and risk when working with data. 

Reduce Reliance on ISPF for Related Load

Now includes the creation of load specifications for execution by File-AID/RDX 

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Consolidate License Management  

Expanded use of Topaz for Enterprise Data license and elimination of Distributed License Management 

Topaz for Total Test


Topaz for Total Test automates unit, functional, integration and regression testing, enabling developers and testers at all skill levels to test subsegments and functionality of a program. 

Enhanced Test Automation

  • Automatically generate a functional test case from an Xpediter debug session
  • Date and time stubbing
  • IMS Checkpoint restart stubbing

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Strobe provides mainframe application performance monitoring and analysis to both pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and reduce hardware and software costs. 

New Reports Show Enclave Activities Across Systems

  • SRB activity report shows percentage of CPU time that preemptible and non-preemptible SRB executed in a specified address space and time period
  • Enclave activity report displays percentage of CPU time that enclave executed on each system during a specified period

Target MSU in Periodic R4HA

Set adjustable numeric values for a CPC/LPAR group that can be saved within the CPC/LPAR group, showing targeted MSU as a linear line on a periodic graph

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