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Released July 1, 2020 | Launch #23

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July Press Release 2020


Innovative Solutions
Topaz for Total Test

Topaz for Total Test automates virtualized (unit), non-virtualized (functional and integration), and regression testing, enabling developers and testers at all skill levels to test sub-segments and functionality of a program.

Ensure Test Data Consistency, Accuracy and Security

A new integration tightly couples Topaz for Enterprise Data with Topaz for Total Test, enabling test data setup to be directly embedded into automated testing. Support includes non-virtualized testing and Db2 data.

Eased Install and Setup of Non-virtualized Testing

The non-virtualized test scenario now provides a simpler way to set up and execute tests of batch and CICS programs.


Abend-AID allows IT teams to quickly diagnose and resolve application failures by analyzing and clearly presenting data for all IT levels.

COBOL Copybook Support for CICS Containers

New Format CICS Container feature allows users to map storage from a CICS Container to the 01 data structure of a program.

Simplified Login Experience

Eased login when working with remote viewing servers, eliminating the need to log in multiple times.


Strobe provides mainframe application performance monitoring and analysis to both pinpoint application inefficiencies that cause excessive CPU consumption and reduce hardware and software costs.

myStrobe Summary Compare

Summary Compare PDF now includes the MSU metric, which normalizes the reporting of CPU time and provides a more accurate representation of the cost of each profile being compared.

Measurement Session Data

Updated iStrobe report includes the CPU Processor; the Job Environment tab will display the CPU model/processor.



ThruPut Manager automatically and intelligently optimizes batch job processing by balancing workload and improving batch throughput.

Online Performance Protection

Users can set the Performance Index (PI) for one or more Service Class periods. If they reach a certain threshold, specified constraints will be activated, preventing batch workload from impacting more important workload and eliminating the need for an analyst or operator to constantly monitor performance.

Topaz Workbench

Topaz Workbench is an Eclipse-based IDE that provides an intuitive interface that enables developers of all experience levels to initiate tasks with Compuware and non-Compuware developer tools.

Topaz Editor Usability Improvements

  • Topaz editors now allow for editing, inserting and saving data containing non-displayable data. Files greater than 80 records in length can now be saved correctly.
  • Find All functionality has been improved to show the number of times the search argument is found and allows for easy navigation between results.
  • Various enhancements have been made to the Outline View to improve the overall experience.


zAdviser is an innovative service that leverages machine learning to find correlations between developer behaviors and KPIs based on DevOps toolchain data and Compuware product usage data. zAdviser helps organizations improve quality, velocity and efficiency.

Deeper Insight for Better Performance

  • The ISPW Development Productivity dashboard provides development teams with insights for improving velocity and efficiency, including how much value is being produced and where bottlenecks exist.
  • New Jenkins plugin offers another alternative for securely (SFTP) sending zAdviser data and optionally masking User IDs onsite.
  • Online documentation is now available.

CICS 5.6 Currency – Day One


  • Abend-AID
  • Xpediter
  • Strobe

Support Center

Usability Improvements

  • New What’s New webpage covers recent additions to products in a simple and easy to understand way.
  • Support for Storage Management solutions (formerly INNOVATION Data Processing products) is now part of the Support Center.
  • Coming Soon: Continuous Delivery of product maintenance means updates and PTFs are generally available as soon as they are created and thoroughly tested, so you can take advantage of new fixes immediately.

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