How to Build Quality into Mainframe Software Development

Improve Efficiency and Deliver High-Quality Code Faster

Consumer preferences and activities continue to shift under the weight of the pandemic, driving companies to continuously deliver new digital features and services. But innovating at a hasty pace ups the risk of bugs finding their way into production. Building in quality as software is developed is key to enabling continuous delivery of high-quality code. But how?

In this webinar, Gary Gruver, digital transformation author and president of Gruver Consulting, and Steen Brahe, Compuware Product Manager, provide practical strategies for building in quality throughout the development lifecycle to make deployments error free, painless and predictable.


  • Why a shift in development mindset and philosophy is critical to building high-quality code
  • A structured approach for building quality into software development
  • Strategies for overcoming testing challenges unique to mainframe organizations
  • Automated unit, functional, and integration testing with Compuware Topaz for Total Test

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