Compuware COPE ROI Calculator

Wouldn’t it be great to figure out how much time and money you could save by virtualizing your IMS Systems? With the COPE calculator, you can.


The total cost of ownership for IMS applications and data can be costly. For example, creating and maintaining multiple IMS development and test systems can be a slow, expensive and technically daunting task.

Compuware COPE virtualizes IMS systems, enabling new development images of IMS to be available practically on demand, significantly reducing the time, costs and technical difficulties associated with creating completely new IMS subsystems.

The COPE ROI Calculator shows the estimated savings that can be realized by virtualizing your IMS environments with COPE. Use the Calculator to understand your potential before-and-after-COPE cost comparison over five years by adjusting the slides for the following variables:

 Number of Physical Images before COPE

  • MIPS Consumed by all IMS Physical Images
  • MIPS Overhead % for Each IMS Physical Image
  • Number of IMS Physical Images with COPE Installed