A New Batch Service Level

The manual operation of mainframe batch has become exponentially more difficult to manage using unscalable, antiquated methods. Job arrival rates, inter-queue job priorities, multiple job class initiator assignments and fluctuating CPU supply are invariably leading to over-initiation and general degradation of batch throughput.

Bottom line: Manual batch processing is putting your SLAs at risk. Your enterprise needs simplification and automation.

Read this white paper to learn how Compuware ThruPut Manager, a rules-based, policy-driven control system delivering automatic execution management for JES2 batch workloads:

  • Manages your initiators for peak batch performance
  • Automatically ensures business-critical jobs run ahead of less important jobs
  • Significantly improves batch throughput and application scalability
  • Provides a modern user interface enabling your operators to monitor overall SLA performance
Batch Service Level White Paper