9 Steps to Agile Mainframe Ops

Getting Maximum Long-term Value from your Core Systems

Our new “9 Steps to Agile Mainframe Ops” eBook offers a practical plan for modernizing mainframe operations to keep pace with market innovation.

Ops teams are being pressured to accommodate new code faster and more frequently to bring more value to market faster. At the same time, experienced operators are leaving the workforce prompting companies to scramble to fill critical roles.

Enterprises have two choices: they can employ the same arcane practices, processes and tools—and hope for the best—or, they can recognize their constraints and modernize their operations to attract younger professionals to the platform and significantly improve business performance.


The Good News

You have access to an actionable, realistic plan based on the best practices of the most innovative, future-thinking customers that have modernized their mainframe operations—and are reaping the benefits!   

Here’s a glimpse of the first two steps—download the eBook for the full 9 steps to achieving operational agility.  

  1. Define the Agile Mainframe Ops Mission
    Your well-meaning efforts will result in frustration and a cul-de-sac of innovation if you don’t define your mission and goals—and get stakeholder buy-in. Basic, often overlooked, but absolutely necessary.
  1. Establish New Success KPIs
    You can’t improve what you aren’t measuring, but what should you measure (hint: focusing on the same reliability and quality metrics isn’t enough)? We explain.