Why Your Mainframe is Critical to Winning in Your Industry

In “6 Reasons Enterprises Need Their Mainframe to Create a Digital Advantage,” we discuss six reasons why the mainframe is critically important and how neglecting the platform only reduces your company’s ability to compete.

Read this eBook to gain the facts you need to help prove that the mainframe is indispensable to your organization:


  • 88% of CIOs believe the mainframe will be a key business asset over the next decade
  • 82% of migrations off the mainframe take longer than expected
  • 70% of CIOs are surprised by how much additional work and money is required to ensure new platforms and applications match mainframe security

It also includes helpful food for thought style challenge questions designed to promote constructive conversation about staying on the platform.

Sneak peek into one of the reasons …
One does not simply “get off the mainframe.”


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