Build More Software: 15 Hacks for Working with Data in Topaz 

Working with data is essential but one of the most time-consuming tasks developers must do. In this webcast discover incredibly helpful tips and tricks using Topaz for Enterprise Data together with File-AID for managing data that will amp productivity and make their lives easier.

 During this webcast we discuss and demo:

  • Perform host-to-host dataset copy 
  • Browse/edit VSAM files, DB2 tables and IMS segments simultaneously
  • Browse/edit distributed database tables such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase
  • Search for data patterns across multiple files at once
  • Allocate new datasets with ease
  • Save and easily reuse File-AID/Eclipse requests
  • Create and use XREFS in the graphical interface
  • Access graphical file compare result
  • Perform easy hex editing of data
  • Use SPUFI-like commands to query zOS Db2


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